AEDP Institute Presents

AEDP for Couples Core Training 2016-17
San Francisco Bay Area

Course Supervisors:
David Mars, PhD - AEDP Lead Faculty
Karen Pando-Mars, MFT - AEDP

This course will present the theory and practice of AEDP for Couples and will provide supervision of each group member's videotaped session each weekend to help participants learn to better somatically track and affectively regulate two people at a time in couple's treatment. AEDP for Couples is a powerful, somatically-oriented and affective neuroscience and attachment-based method. Left-brain and right-brain learning will be combined to equip you to effectively treat couples with greater confidence, enjoyment and ease.

Starts Weekend December 10th & 11th, 2016.


AEDP Institute Presents

2016-2017 Marin AEDP for Couples
Supervision Group Series

Led by:
David Mars, MFT, Ph.D. - AEDP Lead Faculty

This series of ten monthly training sessions is designed to further cultivate the internal capacity, skills and awareness of each training group member to treat patients using the AEDP for Couples treatment method. We will meet one Friday afternoon a month with a group of five therapists from 1:15pm to 5:15pm in San Anselmo.

Dates: 10/7/16, 11/11/16, 12/9/16, 1/6/17, 2/3/17, 3/3/17, 3/31/17, 4/28/17, 5/19/17, 6/1/17

This AEDP Supervision Group provides a medium through which participants deepen their skills and effectiveness in engaging couples in a transformative process directed toward building bonds and connectedness and for healing attachment level trauma and deprivation.



AEDP WEST was founded in the fall of 2007 by a group of psychotherapists who were inspired to develop a West Coast AEDP Community. AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) is a transformation-based model of psychotherapy developed by Diana Fosha, PhD.

OUR PURPOSE AND VISION is to provide enriching learning opportunities in the context of deepening affiliations with our colleagues. We want to share our enthusiasm for AEDP, helping it to be more widely known for the healing oriented, powerful, and effective model that it is. With dialogue and support from Diana Fosha and Ben Lipton, Senior Faculty of the AEDP Institute in New York, AEDP West was formed to provide the following:

  • A forum for developing and strengthening our AEDP Community
  • A base of support to host AEDP faculty from around the country
  • Ongoing training and development for AEDP practitioners
  • A way to introduce AEDP to other psychotherapists
  • Continuing Education Units for MFT’s, LCSW’s and Psychologists
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